Give Good Gift with DIY Holiday Boxes

We’ve heard that it’s what’s on the inside that counts but sometimes what’s on the outside counts just as much. Give good gift by wrapping your goodies in The Noun Project’s DIY holiday gift boxes. These boxes are a great touch for big kids and work as a fun afternoon project with little ones as well. The white on the boxes can be left blank for a graphic, minimalist chic approach or use the white as a blank canvas for you to personalize with your own imagery.

DIY Holiday Gift Box Recipe


11″ x 17″ 80 lb Cardstock
Exacto knife or scissors
Straight edge
Rubber cement or glue


  1. Download free holiday box templates from The Noun Project and print them at home or a FedEx Office. We used 11″ x 17″ 80 lb cardstock but any thick paper will do if you intend to use them as gift boxes. If using this purely as an art project, consider outlining the same template on to brightly colored construction paper and have little ones draw their own designs. A group of the lighter weight boxes can serve as a fun centerpiece at the dinner table.
  2. Cut along the outside edges of the template using an exacto knife and straight edge. Scissors, the everyman’s exacto knife, will also work.
  3. If working with the thicker cardstock, use the blade to lightly score the inside lines of the template. Be careful not to score too hard or the tabs will come off. Be extra careful not to score any fingers – this is a big kid step.
  4. Bend all of the edges of the box and carefully glue the tabs to the backside of the box walls. We used rubber cement for the cardstock but a more lightweight glue will work just fine for construction paper. Remember not to glue the top flap!

Send us photos of your creations at and tag them on Instagram @fitzroytoys and @nounproject.

Photographed by The Noun Project.

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