#tbtoys: ’90s Edition

The ’90s are back in a big way and we couldn’t be happier about it. We recently threw on our Kelly Kapowski crop top and layered with Clarissa Darling mixed prints to take a YouTube deep-dive of 1990s toy commercials. Join us on our trip down pixelated memory lane as we recount the most memorable ’90s toys.

Some real 90s commercial staples here: Fast cuts. Aggressive graphics. A young boy sassing the voice-over guy.  A girl wearing overalls. Hope that a toy is apparently more fun than an entire carnival.


Kids these days never put down their cell phones, which have access to infinite amounts of information. We miss the days when kids were just staring at the screens of electronic “pets” with no real functionality or educational value. Side-note: the toys appear to respond better to voice commands than Siri, way to go Tiger Toys.


Creepy Crawlers or Thingmakers was created by Mattel in the late ’60s but the toy didn’t really hit it big until ToyMax brought it back in the ’90s. They were a massive hit for boys and girls, even eventually getting their own Saturday morning cartoon. Although we’ve been vocal about
the need for traditional “boy” toys to broaden their appeal to girls, only now do we realize that ToyMax was just using clever marketing to sell surplus Easy Bake Ovens to boys. How sneaky, subversive, and surprisingly forward thinking.



Well, they could have used their 15 seconds of air-time to show all of the toy’s cool features that allow you to live out your fantasy of being a top-secret spy. Instead, they show how you can use it ruin your teen sister’s date. Because that’s every boy’s dream. Huh?

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