For Ages Three and UP

At Hello Recess, we believe that toys don’t have to just be for kids. With the right toys you can decorate an interactive living room, play with your food, and make the alphabet too cool for school. Here are three of our favorite toys that can add a youthful twist to your adult life.


It’s a Transformer meets Rubik’s Cube for someone with an eye for design. Able to hold a variety of poses, the Cubebot by Areaware can hold books up like the hulk, dangle its feet off the edge of any surface, or discretely fold into itself. It’s up to you. Perhaps Cubebot will join you for dinner… guests would be delighted to see mini-Cubebots holding place cards and holding a place in their hearts.

MaKey MaKey

Whoever said playing with your food wasn’t allowed didn’t have the MaKey MaKey by Joylabz. Plug one end of the MaKey MaKey cord into your computer, attach the other end to anything (bread, bananas, apples, Spaghetti-Os), and start playing. The item plugged in acts as the cursor on your computer. It’s hard to believe this works but trust us – we had to watch the video twice and try out more things in our kitchen than we would like to admit. Personal favorite: playing the bongos with bananas. Child wonderment can be yours again.

Hipster ABC Matching Tile Set 

The unicorn of the ABC’s, the Hipster ABC Matching Tile Set by Tree Hopper Toys is for the next generation of hipsters. Of course you want your kids to learn the alphabet and be uber cool while they do it. It can be both interactive on a coffee table (use the “C” tile as a coaster) or framed on your wall. We are smiling thinking about our toddlers in flannels and Ray-Bans using these words and the hip images that go along with them. But let’s be honest, Y is for Yoga can be for adults too.

Photography by Areaware, Sparkfun, and Tree Hopper Toys.


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