#tbtoys: ’60s Edition

It’s safe to say that we know toys pretty well here at Hello Recess. Even so, we had no idea that these keys players in the toy game all came out of the ’60s. It was a spirited decade creating the forefathers of some great toys and games to follow.


Etch A Sketch was the original Snapchat. You could create something, show it to a few people and then it was gone forever. Who knew the power of momentary communication would be a social media sensation! 


You might remember falling asleep to the soft glow of your colorful creations on Lite Brite. Punching those colored pegs through paper in organized designs is perhaps one of the most gratifying feelings.Lite Brite, Lite Brite, turn on the magic light for colored lights.” Now that might stick in your head for a week… you’re welcome.



Rock’EM Sock’EM Robots is, needless to say, a knock out toy. Not only is it a hands on toy that gets you into the boxing ring but people have used the Red Rocker and Blue Bomber robots as wedding cake toppers (just watch Sweet Home Alabama again).


These toys and many others which came out of the ’60s helped pave the way for modern toys and games we play with today, including Transformers and even Wii. Topozoo Topobots is one toy which no doubt was influenced by this decade. Topobots are puzzles, building systems, and straight up decoration! Best of all they are designed, made and shipped in the USA from eco-friendly recycled materials. Stick two of these into the boxing ring and see what happens… just remember to bring your imagination.


Photography by The Old Robots, Maker Blog, Museum of Play, and Plastic and Plush.

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