Pin Your Way To The Top

Pins win. If your toy company isn’t on Pinterest already, then get in the game. Below are three Pinterest tips for toy brands who are ready to pin their way to the top.


1. Every toy deserves a board
Your products are distinct and should be represented that way on Pinterest. Giving each toy its own board not only increases its chances in a keyword search, but it helps the consumer get to know your brand. Get even more creative and have multiple boards for each toy… GoldieBlox explores the toy’s personality on Pinterest with a board for Goldie’s Reading List.

2. Get off topic
Pinterest is a branding opportunity that reaches beyond pushing product. Don’t be afraid to create boards that don’t directly relate to your product. A board with professional family photographs, as well as easy snack recipes would be relevant to your audience. Create a one-stop-shop for busy mom’s to get inspired.


3. Stay seasonal
The holidays are just around the corner, and Pinterest provides great inspiration for consumers. Create boards for each of the holidays, and slip in your products when relevant. Take it one step further and make Rich Pins to increase your shop-ability.

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