5 Ways to Optimize Your Merchandise

‘Tis the season to make a gift list and check it twice. Here are our merchandising tips for making the most of the influx of holiday shoppers both big and small.

  1. Consider context: Think about your target demographic for each product, and let that dictate how it should be sold. Selling learning toys to parents? Those can go on a higher shelf. Put eye-catching, engaging toys at eye-level for kids. Staples suggests coming up with a display plan, and sticking to it using tools like Planograms.
  2. Engage your customers, both while they’re in your store, and before they even get there. Use the metaphorical “pig in the window” tactic from The Retail Doctor—put one unexpected item in your window display to grab the attention of passersby, and stay away from Do Not Touch signs inside the store.
  3. Sort items by common use or color, not gender. Displays are meant to sell toys, not enforce gender norms. Target recently eliminated blue versus pink displays, grouping merchandise with like purposes (animated movies, bedding) together. Let Toys Be Toys explains the benefits of letting kids choose the toys they’d like to play with here.
  4. Take inspiration from the best toy stores in the world that do high volumes of business, like Lego Imagination Center in Orlando, FL, or Kiddy Land in Tokyo, Japan. Add it to your agenda if you’ll be in the area, or peruse their social media sites, or places like Yelp and YouTube for an inside look.
  5. Don’t have the time for in-person visits? Pinterest proves to be an excellent resource once again. Browse boards like this one for design and layout inspiration. They’ll provide ideas for everything from shelf height to seating areas.

Photo courtesy of Staples

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