Jensen Wheeler Wolfe, Founder of The Little Yoga Mat

Jensen Wheeler Wolfe founded The Little Yoga Mat, after happily volunteering to teach yoga at her daughter’s New York City pre-school, and realizing there were some basic logistical problems. How could she teach yoga to 20 children in a space that only holds 10 adult yoga mats? As a yoga teacher, she always had extra mats around the apartment, so one night her husband and her cut an adult mat into four small mats. They were just the right size to give to the kids in her daughter’s class. The idea was born and The Little Yoga Mats was founded.
We asked Jensen a few questions to get a better sense  of her products and yoga for kids!
What have you discovered about children doing yoga? Any fun stories? They love to show their parents poses. Having a mat their size has lead to tots attempting to teach class!
Are there any common misconceptions people come to you with about children doing yoga? Many people don’t know that yoga can complement any sport. AND you don’t have to be coordinated or flexible to do it. It’s not competitive and is all about making someone feel good where they are right now. We donated 500 TREE mats to children’s hospitals last Fall as part of our Kickstarter campaign – mostly cancer wards. Some of those kids are really sick and yoga helps them forget about it for a while and they can do it! To learn more about why yoga is good for kids check out THIS link.What’s next? Any new products on the horizon?The TREE mat is new. It launched this year. The mat is for 5-10 year old kids. It has a Hawthorne tree on it in memory of my great grandfather who loved that tree.  I came home last night from a conference in Door County, WI where scholars, educators and teachers were discussing his work. His name is Jens Jensen and he was a Prairie style landscape architect who often worked in tandem with Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m very proud to be is descendant.

On your website you feature yogi stars. How did that come about? (and of course we recommend people clicking on the hyperlink to submit their kids doing yoga!)
If you send good photos I’m happy to feature your child! I worked as a fact checker at Glamour magazine for 10 years and researched many Q&A celebrity stories. I thought it would be cute and kind of tongue and cheek to do the same thing with little kids.

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