Raise a Baby Genius (or Entrepreneur)

Yoee Baby

Parents of infants (or soon-to-be parents!), meet the Yoee Baby. Friends Jillian Lakritz and Bill Donavan are parents, too, as well as inventors and baby-loving social scientists. Because they believe that babies are born ready to play, they founded Yoee Baby as a way to engage little ones on intellectual and tactile levels from the moment of birth.

Yoee helps parents engage with babies in the kind of playful interactions that they need to grow and thrive, by promoting sensory development, motor skills, body awareness, and bonding. Playful characters Puppy, Kitty, Monkey, and Lion have a fuzzy top inspired by a feather, contain both a rattle and crinkles, and give way to a silicone teether. Chew-safe tags, washable materials, and high-contrast colors make it the ideal gift for your newborn.


Piggy Box

Once your kids have mastered the basics, it’s time to level up. Allowances are a staple of childhood—and sometimes entrepreneurship is, too. Seven-year-old Jacob inspired his parents to found Piggy Box after a successful trash can return business led to an overstuffed piggy box. It was impossible to get folded bills out, and Jacob never knew exactly how much money was in there.

Enter Piggy Box, handmade from recycled paper, with three separate compartments labeled “Save,” “Spend,” and “Give” to teach children responsibility, budgeting principles, and the pillars of charitable giving. Each drawer has removable dividers which allow kids to sort bills by denominations, and has special compartments for coins. Plus, the Piggy Box comes with a companion app to help kids track exactly how much money is coming in or out.

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