The Toys That Will Make Kids Love Science, Guaranteed

We’ve sung praises for Quarto Publishing in the past, but we haven’t had an opportunity to discuss one of our favorite divisions of the company: SmartLab Toys.

For over a decade, their interactive STEAM toys have earned over 50 awards, including some of the most prestigious ones in the industry like the Oppenheim Platinum award and the Good Housekeeping Best Toy award.

It’s easy to see why SmartLabs Toys continually rakes in the praise. Each and every one of their 51 kits (including seven new releases) is centered around either a project to complete or experiments to conduct—and they come with scientifically accurate, expertly fact-checked learning guides designed for young mind.

Take Squishy Human Body, for example. This SmartLabs kit includes a model of the human body, complete with removable vital organs. Dr. Lucille M. Kayes, a research physician, helps kids follow the journey of a bite of pizza as it travels through their insides.

Other engaging kits include the Ultimate Secret Formula Lab (complete 40 experiments including a breathing marshmallow and a CO2 indicator) or the ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover (program a bot to deliver treats to a pet or dance on the living room rug).

Best of all, these thoughtfully made toys are intended to create hands-on learning experiences that bring kids and adults together, and forge opportunities to form fun-filled family memories that will last a lifetime.

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