Soapsox Turns Bathtime Into Playtime

It’s that time of day again: When the mere thought of a bath inspires tears, arguments, and straight-up hiding. Sound familiar? When Soapsox CEO Ray Phillips worked at a residential treatment center for traumatized children, bathtime was often the hardest hour of the day.

His solution? Create kid-friendly toys that are guaranteed to be favorites both in and out of the bathtub. Enter Soapsox, the soft terry-covered stuffed animals that go gracefully from playrooms to bathrooms. Just stick a bar of soap in the Soapsox’s mouth—once it comes to rest in the antimicrobial sponge belly, it’s suds away.

Little ones will love unique Soapsox characters like Taylor the Turtle and Bella the Ladybug. Side pockets allow mom or dad to whip up the ideal lather, machine-washable materials make cleanup easy, and every Soapsox comes with its own 10” hang-drying cord.

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