Tour the U.S. Without Leaving the Nursery

Traveling is one of Ashley Rhorer’s favorite pastimes, so it’s no surprise that when this Angeleno became a mom, she wanted to inspire kids to follow in her footsteps.

Rhorer parlayed that enthusiasm for travel into a successful Kickstarter to launch Bright Eyed Baby, a company that intends to encourage kids to experience different cultures and traditions across the United States.

These beautifully styled and illustrated state flash cards give kids a bite-sized intro to vocabulary associated with each state’s unique traits. Illustrator Vaclav Bicha renders flora, fauna, food, and more in perfect-for-kids pastels and soft colors on each thick and chunky double-sided card.

Available for New York, Florida, and California, these cards stimulate imaginations with creative depictions of scenes of everyday life. Essential vocab for California (Rhorer’s home state) includes palm trees, avocado, beach, and sunshine, natch. Coming up next for this fast-growing baby biz: more flash card packs, state-themed souvenirs, and games.

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